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October 14, 2008


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Dubi - much belated thank you for making the trip to Europe and providing great coverage. With only 1 beat writer (I think) making the trip, this is another example of the value BB provides for Ranger fans. Glad to be a subscriber.

Found your reference above to Avery's teammates turning against him an interesting one. Don't believe I remember reading much about that, although not hard to believe.

With regards to the current line up, do you believe for the near term, 11 of the 12 forward spots are pretty firm with #25, #10, #48 and #12 competing for the 3rd spot with #29 and #24?

Just refer to Aaron Voros as SAL (Sean Avery Light) - with the light referring to the baggage that Avery brings. He already has two game misconducts so he starts getting suspended for every one he gets the rest of the way.

"evil twin" = Bizarro.

I looked at the replay and Clarkson took a stick all right, except it looked like it was his teammates stick. Love to see that replay again, but that's the way I saw it.

I can remember when we all were saying "Aaron who" or "who's this guy Voros" when the Rangers signed him in July....I know I did. Gotta like what we see so far. Goes to show how scouts and coaches work behind the scenes in finding players to fit certain roles as Renney points out...'we got him for a reason'. Over the past few years the Rangers certainly needed someone to stand in front of the net and do the dirty work and they may have found their guy.

Think Dubinsky should be made an Alternate Captain. The pic on Prospect Park with Z, stories of him hanging out with other new players, finding Callahan to score the empty netter to name a few, his play on ice, are reasons why he should be an alternate.

Why are only the free agent signings made captains and alternate captains? Think the kid can handle it.

Players earn to wear an "A" or a "C" on their jerseys and Brandon Dubinsky is taking the steps to do just that....he will be around for awhile and he will get his chance.

A question to ponder, when does the number two line become the number one line?

The first line will get it going... While they are still facing teams top lines & defence, they have showed plenty of chemistry and have gotten a good number of chances. It will come.

Bobo -- when does the #2 line become the #1 line? When John Madden and Jay Pandolfo are sent out to check them, which happened in 15 of their 23 shifts last night. In fact, those guys often took to the ice seconds after the Ranger line went on, which means the Devils were looking for that match-up all the way.

Interesting observation Dubi, I did not pick up on that at home. This must make opposing coaches crazy as to what line should qualify for the top checkers.

I hope John is right and the number one line takes off, would make for a very interesting 1-2 punch.

Other than the fight with Malik, what did Avery do to have his teammates turn on him?

I dont like how Voros has played well for a few games, and Avery is gone, that we suddenly say he was a bad teammate and its better hes gone than back on the team.

Voros has been impressive for sure, and I love the way he plays. However, lets not forget what Avery did for the Blueshirts, and not bad mouth him now that hes gone.

Where was the reporting of teammates in NY turning on him when he was on the team? Dubi, can you name a story other than the Malik fight?


That's a good point. I am curious if anyone has inside information on what Avery did to alienate his teammates. Moreover, I thought it was positive that he fought Malik in practice and it likely contributed to a brief improvement in Malik's game at the time. This team would have had room for both Voros and Avery. The primary problem with Avery was the pricetag and years.

Jive, Marc H,

As fans, its pretty tough for us to know what goes on in the inner workings of a team beyond what read in the press. My guess, for what its worth, is that what alienated Avery from his teammates was pretty simple and the same reason he wore out his welcome elsewhere: self serving, moody and unprofessional behavior. Agree there was little in the press about his how his teammates felt about his behavior, although I do remember Zipay or Sam W. noting players rolling their eyes at his locker room behavior.

I have indeed heard inside info, but not firsthand, and I was asked not share it. Suffice it to say that the scowls Avery showed on the ice were not reserved just for the ice. And his teammates were uncomfortable having to publicly defend someone they privately disapproved of -- uncomfortable enough on a large enough scale to be taken seriously.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- if he helps you win, what the hell do you care how he does it or whether you like him or not?

On the other hand, when you hear players now talking about "it wasn't like this last year" when in comes to personal agendas and players hanging out together as a team, maybe you think they're talking about Jagr, but they're not -- they're talking about Avery.

Good point Dubi about the fact that if a player helps your team wins, who cares whether you like him or not, although in the end, the Rangers have been a pretty mediocore team the last two years and even Avery's spark plug style of play couldnt change that on a consistent basis.

Guess I'm jumping on the five-game bandwagon and agreeing with Brandon Dubinsky (ie. one team agenda is better than personal agendas).

After reading Brodeur's comments about Voros, can we now assume that the "legendary" netminder will shake Voros's hand during the playoffs in 2009?

This is just in!
According officials after autopsy, Cherepanov’s heart was 3 time large then normal and spleen was 5 time large. I am jus wondering, how that kind condition of professional hockey player wasn’t detected prior routine medical check?

Thank you for the insight re: Avery. I heard from "a guy, who knows a guy" that works in the Garden that the lockeroom last year was divided. Took it with a grain of salt of course, but with all the comments this year from players about how tight they are this year, how they work for each other, etc..got me thinking there was some fire in that smoke..and now you're info confirms that.

kogan do you have a link? That doesn't sound correct.


The link is to Russian web Gazeta.Ru.

It will be grate if Laurie has a chance to translate this article.

Prucha back in on the third line tonight. This is a lot of pressure for the kid. Not playing since Europe, a club record 6 wins out of the box on the line and a third line that needs to start being productive. Wow! He doesn't need a hat trick or any points tonight. Just play a productive game. Make that good play that ends up with a goal, draw that penalty that results in a PP goal. I hope he deos well, the kid has the skill, he just needs to few breaks. This may be his last opportunity.

Selling 2 tickets for the game tonite.

Center ice. Section 424 Row E. Great blue seats.

Face value: $68 the pair. Selling at $60 for the pair.

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Thanks GOD this pure man finally gets a team!
TSN. CA reports the Tampa Bay Lightning have signed defenseman Marek Malik to a one-year, pro-rated contarct worth $1.2 million for this season.

Thanks GOD this pure man finally gets a team!
TSN. CA reports the Tampa Bay Lightning have signed defenseman Marek Malik to a one-year, pro-rated contarct worth $1.2 million for this season.

Thanks GOD this pure man finally gets a team!
TSN reports the Tampa Bay Lightning have signed defenseman Marek Malik to a one-year, pro-rated contarct worth $1.2 million for this season.

Well, last night was an old fashioned stinker. Seems the team was just eager to finish the sprint, outcome be damned. They couldn't pass, didn't skate, couldn't get a shot through, didn't forecheck, just an old fashioned stinker. I don't think anyone wants to enable the kind of culture where it's "okay" to take a night off, but considering the chips they got in the bank, the excellent (in spurts) play that characterized the first five games, and the notion that the regular season is a marathon, I'm inclined to let them slide.

Positives: Sjostrom, Callahan, Colton Orr, Prucha, Mark Staal (although he pressed a couple of times, he probably needed to; no one else was doing much of anything)

Negatives: everyone else, particularly Naslund

Let's see how this team responds. I for one am optimistic.

reality check. You have to bring it nightly! I think this team has heart and character. They will respond big time on Friday night. I think they know how bad the performance was. The true test will be if they walk into detroit at 6-1, how will they perform there?

They were just slow with every part of their game...except for Mara who was fast to get even.

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