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October 26, 2008


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A very satisfying win. Prucha was great. Doesn't sound like Renney wants to get rid of him at all...Z

According to Sam Weinman Prucha practiced on Dubi's line again today so he should play tomorrow in Long Island

I was so impressed with Lundqvist's patience in the shootout on Crosby's attempt. Crosby made so many fakes (probably one too many) and Lundy just stayed with him the whole time.

Dubi any chance I will get my bulletin this week?

I really liked Prucha's play again tonight ... I know that Renney doesn't like to sit the rotating guys for too long but boy Prucha has made an extremely strong case to be kept in the lineup ... he hasn't scored but he makes a lot of things happen when he's out there ...

Good win, sloppy game by us, but a win's always a good thing ... Henrik was fantastic once again

A lot of back and forth over at BB about Dubinsky's brief benching and the whole rookie/veteran accountability issue.

Seems to me one of Renney's most high profile actions involved a veteran, Michael Nylander. Perhaps it was a unique situation because Nylander's constant hooking/obstruction fouls were costing the Rangers dearly but Renney took decisive action by actually scratching Nylander for a game. And Renney didnt hide from it, he commented on it to MSG before the game to the effect of "Michael's a proud man and he wants to be in the iineup. And he will. But not tonight, hes not going tonight". If I recall, Nylander did respond by reducing the penalties and picking up the level of his game.

Perhaps I'm cherry-picking a situation here but seems to me that Renney will act against a veteran and, in the case of Nylander, the veteran player may very well respond.

marty I think many feel including myself that Renney operates somewhat with a double standard & doesn't always mean what he says. Especially since he's fairly verbose in making a simple statement at lightening verbal speed.I'm waiting to see what he gets out of Prucha & how he goes about it. I think that the 2 of them have caused his decline, but he can be a 25 goal scorer again if given some PP time. The guy has good hockey sense, creates havoc, and goes to the front of the net & dirty areas while paying the price. That kind of worker needs to be rewarded, to see if he produces goals. The PP was his bread & butter. And the NYR need all PP goals they can get.


hear ya on the double standard thing; guess its pretty tricky stuff trying to walk that accountability line as a coach.

As far as Prucha goes, perhaps this rotation of Prucha, Dawes and Fritche will continue all season? Provides fresh legs and a different skill set each night. Seems the 4th line and the top six forwards are pretty well set, although I'm not completety sold on Voros as a top six forward. I know he leads the team in goals and when he can get to the front of the net he makes things happen. He doesnt seem quite as effective when his line cant keep the puck in the opposing zone for a long stretch.

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