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October 13, 2008


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Great article, can't wait for the October Issue.

Hope Rangers dominance over the Devils continues tonight.

Let's Go Rangers!

BREAKING NEWS: Cherepanov in ICU


From Russian websites, Cherepanov's heart stopped during Avangard's today's game. He is in the hospital right now. A lot of rumors are floating around about him recovering and (I don't want to say it). No official word yet.
I hope he survises and recovers quickly so that his life is no longer in danger!!!

In last night’s Avangard Omsk/Chekhov Vityaz game, Rangers first-round pick Alexei Cherepanov collided with a teammate on a change and was knocked unconscious. Later, his heart stopped and he had to be taken to the hospital.

According to the Alexander Ovechkin blog, which is a great source for Russian hockey news, the player he collided with was Jaromir Jagr, who was crying and screaming for Cherepanov to wake up. You may remember that the two had forged a tight relationship early in their Avangard time together. Jagr was Cherepanov’s boyhood hero.

The comments on the article paint a particularly grim picture, with one saying Cherepanov has died. Really hoping that’s not the case.

Update: Sports.ru is indeed saying that Cherepanov has passed away.

Jesus Christ.

I'm hoping that this is premature however both TSN and Sporsnet is saying that Cherapanov passed away. Sad indeed!!! http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/2008/10/13/rangers_cherepanov_dead/

Indeed, it appears he's died.

A good solid win.

Kept the turnovers to the minimal. The defensemen were quick to swat away rebounds (beside the Madden goal).

Voros was right in the face of Marty and scores 2 goals.

Mara has been playing physical, Girardi was taking bodies down and Staal was his calm self (loved the way he took the puck away and shielded himself from 2 defenders during last part of third period).


I just want to say the AC was the age of many of my students--makes me remember they're still kids, and that I'm lucky to have their energy in my life. His passing is a real sobering event. RIP, Chere.


This is a video from Russia;


Do you live on the moon? Don't answer it's a rhetorical question.

The suprise for me is the way Mara is playing. Maybe he stopped reading what he WAS SUPPOSED TO BE and started playing like he is. He is not the big, offensive defenseman who will put up lots of points and because of that we don't care about his defensive skills. On this team he needs to be a defenseman FIRST, the rest will take care of itself. He wanted to came back here, probably to show that what he was doing at the end of last season is what he can do all the time. The "edge" is very appriciated. To look at the trade of A. Ward for him now is beginning to look like a steal. I always liked Kalinin, even though he'd take a night off now and then. These two are allowing Renney to distribute ice time more evenly throughout the game and that should pay big dividends come playoff time. Finally, Renney's puck management system, the great backpressure from the forwards is making the job of the defensemen much easier. Overall, this is a very sound hockey team and the system is fun to watch. I'm sure it's also fun to play, as long as each guy understands and commits to working every shift.

BUF is a speed team, so the next game should also be a good test.

Last, Renney is a very good coach. Just look at Colton Orr. His improvements over the past 2-3 years has been dramatic and all in a positive direction. I said it when Hollweg got traded, TOR won't be able to control him. Renney did his best and most of the time Ryan did his job. The playoff hit cost him his job in NY and he won't be long for this league if he continues his out of control game. Renney may not be a very flashy guy, but he knows hockey and he knows how to get the best from each of his players. Can't ask too much more then that. (A cup would be great, though!)

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