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October 31, 2008


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It is no surprise for me that ā€œZā€ will response in this way.
He is typical Russian player with typical Russian attitude.
Kovalev was unlucky that Campbell was behind the bench.
And you know what?
All Rangers organization was unlucky because of him (Campbell)!

Great quotes from the players

Z also was the guy who got back and put pressure on the shooter during that 2 on 1 later in the period.

Zherdev is doing what every Russian hockey player wants to do. . . . win the scoring title!!!!
I'm just glad he is making the most of the opportunity that the Ranger's are giving him!!! If you can make IT in New York, you can make it anywhere. (Hockey in Columbus, Atlanta, Nashville, Florida - there just not the Hockey meccas of the world)
If I was to buy a new Ranger Jersey it would be his right now.

LGR !!!


Would you mind adding the link to the Times blog, Slap Shot, back to the side navigation bar? I enjoyed getting to read the Ranger/Hockey blogs of every NY paper in a row.


I'm with you. I'm really excited about the way Zherdev is playing. Let's hope he continues and has a great season! I'd buy his jersey, too. Not only is he talented offensively, but that defensive play he made last night to stop the breakaway was AMAZING! Go Z! Go Rangers!

"...Renney sees Zherdev as a work in progress, just as he sees his team as a work in progress despite their franchise-best 10-2-1 start to the season. ".....when the coach says that it's ok? The coach & his assistants need to progress too. That's why it's called a TEAM. Great record & accumulation of points, but long term they can be a lot better TEAM if he figures out the line combos, more importantly a consistently scoring PP. One PP goal a game makes a huge difference a lot more than a good PP %, just as a PK that stops GAs. What bugs me with Renney are his how he goes about trying to figure out combos and his timing on them. Hopefully they keep getting the points as they figure out the chemistry. The Gomez line needs an adjustment first. What's meant by a 'work in progress' is to keep improving.

Kudos to Renney for bringing Z to the fore, but he's right in order to win that precious cup we have to get a lot better. I love being at the top of the league and we can thank Hank for that..the NHL's best goalie.

Hard to believe I pay over $300 a year for NHL Centre Ice and I'm not going to be able to see this game tonight. Any suggestions, am I missing something?

Game is on NHL Network.

Amos, the Slap Shot link was removed for two reasons, one objective and one subjective. I get a ton of link requests, and the objective measure for whether I post a link to another site, as you can tell from the headers "Rangersphere" and "Blogging the Blueshirts", is whether the site is primarily devoted to covering the Rangers. Slap Shot started out that way, but is now a general hockey blog.

And subjectively, given how many thousands and thousands of words they devote to hockey each day, their coverage of the team closest to their home is beyond pathetic. They cover Russian, European, and junior hockey more than they cover the Rangers. I understand the convenience of having the link available here, but I don't have room for every hockey link in creation, so I have to draw a line somewhere, and it's easy to draw a line that excludes a blog that pays so little attention to the Rangers.

DUBI you can bring politics in, but then don't shut the regular site down if a war starts. The NY times is a left wing newspaper that would rather cover hockey outside the USA & Canada. Your comment is your opinion , but Sather has a lot more experience, as does John McCain. This is a 'Presidental" election, not a VP election. The dems VP candidate could die too. You're a capitalist, you should know better & know who is really better for the USA. And who deserves the job, an American War hero who has fought for our freedoms, which many take for granted & some want to take away. A govenor & a mayor has more government executive experience than a senator or a congress person. I think I know who's better for the economy and national security. I guess you might not.

Brodeur out 3 to 4 months, surgery

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