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September 26, 2008


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Lauri really looked better than any of his competition for the 3rd/4th line spot. And while Betts and Orr earned their spots by bringing qualities Korpikoski don't have (or need to have) his skills, style and maturity would've guaranteed him the spot over the rest of the field if Sather & Co. didn't mismanage the salary cap for the 2nd season in the row.
They probably learned one lesson from the last season though so I bet Korpikoski is starting the season in Hartford and Pock in NY.

Cap space could be made by trading Prucha. He has had chances, but so far, no results. I'm not in favor of trading, don't get me wrong, but PERFORMANCE was the word issued by Renney.

Any word on Korpikosli's jersey number. Bet it is in honor of Raijo Ruotsalainen.

Ratso Ruotsaleinen, there's a blast from the past. One of the fastest skaters I ever saw. Saw him score a hat trick on a 5 minute power play against Washington in the 80s. He was just a Blurrrrrrrrrrrrr.

As for the forward situation, obviously there's too much quantity and not enough quality. Too many spare parts taking of cap space and blocking spots for kids. It's a shame we can't get Korpikoski or others to crack the team and develop the way Dubinsky did - due to a mismanaged cap situation. Rissmiller? Why? Just getting in the way of our prospects.

This team is not a contender. The excitement is over the potential prospects coming. As posters already have mentioned, some of the signings this summer were highly questionable. A package deal is screaming to be made and maybe that is or was Sather's plan, whether it was centered around fitting in Sundin or something.

Head-scratching time for this team. What team is going to bail us out with a matchable trade. A quality forward for young depth. Time will tell how it pans out.

today's releases don't mention Antoine Lafleur.... or as they say at MSG Network, Antonio Lafleur

Good point about Lafleur. Since he unsigned, he falls into the same category as Messier and Dowzak -- no need to mention him in the press release unless and until they re-assign him to PEI. So I'd guess he defaults to Hartford camp for the moment.

some names we might see the next couple weeks, tho not formally connected to the Rangers:
12 Checkers players participate at AHL camps
The ten Checkers players scheduled to join the Hartford Wolf Pack training camp include: Peter Tsimikalis, Marty Guerin, Michel Leveille, P.J. Corsi, David Rutherford, Matt Ford, Jared Nightingale, Ethan Graham, Julien Brouillette and Jeff Jakaitis


It's not time yet to turn on the gas. This is a fine group of players. The role players are many, but role players are very important and you need to see what each one is or may be capable of. Just relax. The cap is not an issue unless you really believe the Sather wants Sundin. I just don't see that happening. If the first two lines fail to score goals, then a move may be necessary. Nobody, and I mean nobody, thinks the first two lines will not score. The 3rd line should also be a danger to other teams. If we can through 3 good, offensive lines at our opponents, we'll be fine. Add just a little bit of scoring to the 4th line so they can chip in a win a few games, and all will be well in Rangerland.

Why you think this team is not a contender is beyond me. Maybe you can give a detailed explaination for that comment. This should be a playoff team, finishing in the top 4, therefore getting home ice advantage.

It is interesting that Potter and Fahey are getting a good look. Pock was not re-assigned to Hartford, he simply will continue to work out there. Both defenseman will get a good look, maybe one of them or Pock will be part of a trade. It would be a waste to have Pock sitting in Hartford. If he can't make the Rangers, then use him as a trade because we will loose him at seasons end.

Dubi, what is the truth about Voros' weight. THN reported him at 178, BB reported his weight to be 205, and Sam Rosen said he weighed 225. @ 6-3, 178, I could knock him around. @ 225 I'm staying out of his way. He'll have to agitate a little bit more to be like Avery. Clarkson of the Devils is the closest thing to Avery in our division.

If Korpo has earned a spot on the team, I hope a veteran is traded to make room for him. The kid deserves to be on the team. Rissmiller and Prucha would be the likely candidates.

According to what I've been told by the Rangers, their web site lists everyone's latest vital statistics, so 6'3-205 is what they measured him to be at the start of camp. Having seen him without his shirt on (his teammates rib him about always walking around shirtless), he's a string bean -- at 6'3, I'd say 205 is probably right. 178 is impossible -- Prucha is listed at 175 at 6'0 and he's wafer thin.

To answer a question someone asked yesterday on what the real story is on Shanahan -- the short answer is that I don't really know. There is still consternation that Sather hasn't told him to look elsewhere, because the feeling is that the Rangers don't need him and don't owe him anything for his two years of service. The feeling I've gotten from some insiders is that he is slower than ever, his knee healed but having cost him some more foot speed.

But the big issue is how committed he really is to doing what the coach wants him to do, even if that meant fourth line minutes. The story I heard is that there was a major dispute last season when Renney put him on the fourth line late in the season, that Shanny may have even challenged Renney to a fight. There is dispute whether the dispute ever really got to that point, but there is no dispute that there was a dispute of nearly that magnitude.

Dubi thanks for the response. But then the question still is why doesn't Sather do what he said he would do? Treat Shanahan with the respect he deserves. But then again I'm not sure Sather respects many. Interesting how those stories get covered up. There's always more to the NYR story then meets the eye or what's written. Renney used his head in not taking the challenge, if there was one. Where was Malik when this was going on? ;-)


PJ Corsi was Ryan Hillier's linemate with the Mooseheads last season. Smallish kid but given a chance he might shock some people.

Every time someone has written PJ off he has come back and made them eat words. I do not think he will remain with the Checkers for long as I believe he will work his way up to Hartford

As for Lafleur the Rangers can not assign him anywhere unless he signs an entry level contract. I expect though that he is going to be at the Hartford camp because he has no place else to go and right now with the Rangers taking Wiikkman to Europe will get a lot of practice time.

Sending him back to PEI would be a waste of everyone's time since the Rocket have no intention of using him and since everyone else in the QMJHL knows that are not willing to trade for an overager.

Lafleur is in a stupid limbo as PEI should release him so he would be free to try to hook up with someone.

If the Rangers do not sign him then his only hope would be a Tier 2 league in Quebec which would not help his development at all.

Tysen Dowzak is with the Hartford training camp and I expect so is Messier very lite.

Not surprised that Slats apparently is not telling Shanny to look elsewhere even though he apparently has zero chance of being with the club. Classy treatment of aging vets is not Sather's long suit--witness his treatment of Leetch, Graves, Jagr.

Cripes, I don't understand all the whining about "Treat Shanahan with the respect he deserves" - what does that mean? To my knowledge, Sather has never asked\told Shanny to wait. The waiting has been Shanny's choice, because HE WANTS to stay in his apartment and with the team. The Rangers have been clear they were not (not in July, nor August, nor last week) in a position to offer him a contract.
And Jagr also wasn't treated badly - the CBA basically insists that players at that age sign only 1-year deals, which Jags wouldn't do.

cwede Sather said he would, and the cba 1 year deal is not in effect this season. Other than that your right ;-)

Thanks, Dubi, for setting the record straight, re: the weight of Voros. I don't know what I was thinking to doubt the veracity and accuracy of the BB.

I will check out the Ranger prospects on the Checkers the next time they visit the South Carolina (two time Kelly Cup Champion)Stingrays.

That is shocking news to me about Shanahan and Renney. I guess one has to be a little more skeptical when a player is as smooth with the media and always says the right thing. I took his comments that he only wanted to play for the Rangers, would play ANY role, and money doesn't determine the level of respect on a team, as gospel. At least Jagr was honest enough to say that he considered his salary to be the measure of his role on the team.

even though its only a preseason match, today's game should be a good indication of this team's will and their ability to play defensively under renney's system AND score goals. yeah, 5 in the box is great but PUCK on the net is really important too!!

place me in the "who are the rangers now??!" camp. just don't know how the latest sather project will all work out...and i'm not talking about all the home-grown rangers but all those players who needed a new home and found it with the rangers.

i - re Jags I was referring to the aspect that subsequent years of multi-year contracts count againts the Cap, even if the player retires or defects (and isn't even paid). It was impossible to responsibly give Jags a multi-year deal.
Shanny is doing what he wants, and I respect the fact that he (and Sundin) are not just going to the high or aggressive bidders.

cwede they could give a multi year contract, and then waive a guy to get them off their cap. What would Sather have done if Jagr had the linemates he needed to make his automatic reup contract numbers?

This is two links where you can watch the game:


http://www.channelsurfing.net/ Scroll down and click on NHL logo.

So now that's the "in" thing ... players ie Bobby Holik is allowed to interfere with Henrik by hooking his arm and not allowing Henrik to make the save but it's a goal ... nice to know ... Rangers should do the same on the other end ... but then again just same ol' same ol' of the Refs and the Rangers aren't playing very well anyhow

Callahan is really impressive with protecting the puck and stick work at the moment.

to call a major on that hit tells you how bad the refs really are.

from Sam W, but is this true & why?...."...defensemen Maxim Kondratiev and Thomas Pock, and forwards Hugh Jessiman and P.A. Parenteau, have to go through waivers before they’re officially assigned to Hartford ..."

everything Rangers does in the game so far is so sluggish and sloppy.

Sometimes the more things change, the more they remain the same! SIGH!!!

The Rangers really stunk up the building this afternoon. It was frustrating to watch. Lundqvist played one of the worst games that I have seen him play. He appeared slow, shaky and not ready to play. I hope this is not the beginning of one of his inconsistent spells, which we saw each of the past three seasons. The team as it stands right now cannot afford it.

On the surface you would think this was a game the Rangers would get up for. The Devils, first game with a full NHL lineup, last game in the states for a while, get things ready for the 4 games in Europe; should be a great show.

However, it's also a afternoon exhibition game, the hard schedule of preseason is over, why expend energy with a long overseas flight to look forward to and lets get this over with.

This was a game that the Devils were pumped for. Set the stage for the rest of the season..."you guys aren't going to win this season". I'm sure Sutter really wanted this game.

Not an excuse, I'm a little concerned about our lack of scoring and the defense is still a question mark. I'm sure that's why Fahey and Potter are still around along with Pock who is working out in Hartford. We made a lot of changes and it will take some time to work itself out. By game 8 or so we should have some answers.

Interesting article about the Rangers and the upcoming match on Metalurg's website: http://www.metallurg.ru/news/40334/. See if Lauri can translate.

I hate to sound this way at this point in time but I am very nervous about this roster and how it is made up.

I do not want to sound negative but the kind of effort put forth today was unacceptable.

I don't see a need to sound the alarm. The truth is, I believed this had the potential to be a transition year, and we are seeing it already. People got spoiled by the Jagr years, but, if anyone watched how the Rangers were drafting, there was a plan to build a different team than the one that was being iced at the NHL level. The Rangers are going to play a game pretty much like what we saw against TB and Ottawa - transition with counter-attacks after TOs from on the puck pressure. They are getting more players capable of playing that style. I liked seeing Drury next to Gomez and Naslund. I have no problem with him on wing, since he's not a traditional playmaker at center, and his strength offensively is being in the right place. He had quite a few quality chances. I like seeing Zherdev with Dubi and Dawes. Dubi is versatile enough to place next to anyone, and play just about any game that's required, and he and Dawes have a good understanding of each other's games. Plus, both players can fit there game to Zherdev's. What screwed things up yesterday was the bogus call on Korpikoski. He made a play you want to see from our forwards. His absence meant Renney had to stray from the lines he was intending to play. IO really like what I've seen from both Korpikoski and Potter so far. Korpikoski is strong on the puck, strong the puck, and play an aggressive game. He can play center for now, but, I think he has the skill to play 2nd line LW in Renney's scheme. And, Potter has been the best D-man in the pre-season. He moves the puck well, has sound defensive positioning, and while not a deliverer of devaststing hits, can play a physical game.

I still think this team can contend for a playoff spot, (Henke has to be better than he was yesterday, though.) They could just as easily miss the playoffs, too. But, I think that, while we may see a dip in the ranger's record, we will better off in the long run, as we see the Rangers becoming the team that Renney, Schoenfeld and Sather had envisioned at the trade deadline of 2004. The pipeline of youth has been established; now the implementation of that pipeline is beginning to become established, also.

So is Renney going to play musical lines yet again this year? Right now there is NOBODY in NY with more pressure on them than Renney. I wouldn't bet money on him, folks, because I'm not convinced he knows what he's doing. As for Slats, he's a classless fool, and that goes way beyond the Shanahan situation.

seems as though my last post got eaten up....

Anyone interested in going to Hartford Wolf Pack game? I have really good seats in section 115, row C, seats 3-4.

I'm originally from New York now living in Vermont for the past 4 years. I'm spending an entire hockey filled week in New York from 10/26 to 10/31.

26th is my nephew's game up in Westchester. 27th I have 7th row tix for NYR @ Isls (3 tix still have not been claimed if you're intersted). 10/29 is the Hartford game. 10/30 is NYR vs. Atlanta.

let me know if you're interested in going.

e-mail me @ [email protected]

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