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September 23, 2008


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The PP looked good last night. They didn't practice it, but good players see the ice and can read the play and they seemed to have little trouble with that. The big thing I saw was ALL 5 guys were involved, moving, skating and putting themselves in good position to do something with the puck if it came their way. Maybe the idea of setting up one guy for a great shot is officially over. I sure hope so.

Right now I like the lines, but I would like to see one change. Replace Dawes with Voros on the second line.


I've never been one for line numbers, so you can call them anything you like. My first line is the one skating the best and providing the best chance for productivity in that particular game.

Along with Redden, I think we will see more PP time for Girardi. Staal and Rozsival wil also get a fair share of the time. Mara still can't seem to get his "great" shot on net, so he sits until he can.

repost...I hope Sather can admit Pock needs to play the 6th D, and Kalinin was a mistake.

Dawes should stay with Drury, they have great chemistry. In fact, put Callahan back on that line, it was the best Ranger line in the playoffs last year. Put Prucha and Voros with Dubinsky. I'm not much of a Betts fan but I will admit he's good on the PK which is very important.


The reason for Voros on the Drury line is there is no body on that line that can defend themselves. Put Callahan on in place of Prucha and you end up with Cally as an enforcer and that just won't work. He's tough, but his skill level is above that role. Voros has shown he can get some goals and his crease work would help both Drury and Prucha. Dawes is not a tough guy either, but on a line with Dubi and Cally, he won't have to worry about any of the cheap shot stuff. Besides, the speed and skillset of Dubi & Cally...Dawes could get "lost" out there, ending up in front of an open net.

If the reports are right, Kalinin didn't look good at all. Now, it was his first game at MSG and he has to feel some pressure, so that could be a reason. Or, people are looking for the next Malik. Remember, two goals given up in each game were misques by Rozi and Redden, but no body seems to have their butts nailed to the bench. Hopefully, if he did have a bad game, Renney will suit him up tonight and he can have a positive response. I don't want to go into this season with 5 sound D'men and 2 who should be in the AHL.

Glad Dubinsky got them to continue with the center ice stick salute. It would be a big mistake to get rid of it. In fact, they should have already planned to do it before the game -- it's the easiest bit of public relations they can do.

This a message to all Ranger Fans. Give these new guys a break. Don't start booing guys after a few games. Petr Nedved should make this team but only if he can play the way he did last night. He was the best player on the ice.

I think the power play only looks good when they score. Sure moving the puck is great, getting shots on goal are good but that all pales in comparison to when the red light goes on. Ultimately that is how the success of the power play will be measured.

I don't understand why Rangers don't practice PP/PK situations during pre-season. Even if it's the "industry" practice (is it really?), 1. Our PP was aweful last year, 2. As Dubi noted in Rangers defensive system they must rely on PP goals to be successful and 3. There are a lot of new guys that need to be incorporated and maybe create new set plays for them.

On a different subject. I would be against moving Voros to the "2nd" line. I don't think it's skilled enough so that they could substitute Dawes for Voros without losing on the goal production.


That's like saying the team only looks good when they win! Production, that is the bottom line, but you only get production by consistantly doing things right. A good PP only clicks about 20% of the time. That's 1 out of 5 chances result in a score. Poise and control are the basic ingredients to a good PP. A good team needs to demonstrate those qualities every time the PP unit gets on the ice.

But one more thing to understand. The Rangers do not practice the PP in the pre-season. It's kind of "make it up as you go along". Buy the time the season starts it should be in place. Then we can start looking at the performance of the PP verses how good it looks.

I agree with your view that we should give the new guys some time. Kalinin had one huge gaff that I saw, but I think I was more disapointed in Sanguinetti's play, overall.
Who do you think should sit if Nedved stays? He apparently doesn't want to play 4th line, and I don't think he's ever been suited to play that slot.

Rangerbill94, All your points are well taken. I suppose part of my views were based on listening to the broadcast team on MSG and how they harped on the fact the power play looked great. If we are to succeed this year the power play must be improved. Hopefully Redden's shot from the point will make a difference.

Same old crap from some fans at the game, once any Ranger touches the puck you got a bunch of morons start screaming SHOOT!!! Right when a Ranger crosses the blue line you could hear some SHOOT calls coming from different parts of the arena. The rangers outshot Ottawa heavily in the 1st & 2nd periods. I just hate it when a couple fans think they understand hockey better than the actual people on the ice.

Hehe, I wonder how many "young folk" did not even pick up on Dubi's reference about "shoot the puck Barry?" Some must be saying....who? Barry Buba Beck for those youngin's born in Gen X.

As far as Malik being gone, I'm sure some fans are truly disappointed. We all know that some granite-heads went to MSG for the express purpose of finding a target like Malik and booing him. Now their radar is scanning for their next target.

My last comment on Shanahan. All these reports...poor Shanny, the evil Sather should treat him with a little respect...after all, it is a future Hall of Fame guy, not just some avarage hockey player.

Except I read, from Sathers mouth, that Shanny was invited to camp, ON A TRY OUT BASIS (just like Nedved), and if he SHOWS he can make the team, Sather will make room for him. Sather said that under the current circumstances, with the major roster changes and the large number of youngsters looking to make the team, he, Sather, could not make a commitment just yet. Well, that sounds reasonable to me. If Shanny can meet the challange, he will get a contract. This isn't a welfare program, it's a real business. Shanny won't answer the bell, then sit it out. Maybe he knows he can't win a spot and being cut would be something he wouldn't want on his resume. I don't know, but he was invited, he showed up until it came time to commit, then he went back to his apartment. Maybe I sound a bit harsh, but these kids come in here working their butts off to show the staff what they have and why they should be considered for the big dance. Shanny wants it just given to him. I always go back to ACCOUNTABILITY. Every player on the 23 man NYRanger roster needs to be held accountable and EARNING your spot is step #1.

just tuned into MSG via that justin tv thing that i've been watching the preseason games on... and they were showing the msg profiles of #2 brian leetch, and who was the first person i saw but dubi silverstein! so that's what you look like!
i wish i could get msg on my cable.

I do not understand how one can not practice the PP or PK during the preseason as this is supposed to be the time to build chemistry.

Waiting until the games count to start working on the PP is giving away PPs and thus chances to win.

I also agree with Bones about leaving Dawes with Drury and not putting Voros on the 2nd line. Dawes/Drury/Callahan was more than effective against the Devils in the playoffs so leave them be.

The pre-season is more about figuring out what the team needs, what new players can or will fit in, establishing the lines and chemistry, getting gametime experience and working on timing, speed, transition and game strategy. I'm sure the PP units already know what they will be doing without much practice, all these guys are veteran players and just need to get accustomed to each others traits. I would assume, once the squad gets cut to it's 23 man NHL roster, specific drills for both the PP and PK will begin. Right now, the movement on the PP looks very good. We just need a little timing to finish the play off. I'm not worried.

The Rangers just don't need Fritsche, Rissmiller, Voros and Sjostrom on the roster. At least two of those guys has gotta go.

Freddy Sjostrom scored a goal tonight, so he's making his case. Voros has shown he can be present around the net and all around the ice. Fritsche? Rissmiller? What's the point? Did the Rangers throw names at a wall and see which ones stick? Yeah, I know it's been talked about ad nauseum so I'm adding nothing new. But with Korpi banging on the door, and even Nedved's making a case for himself, it's clear the Rangers don't need all these guys. So, who get's sent down or traded?

Del Zotto continues to look good. He started the game somewhat tentatively, but ended strongly. He's handling himself well and is showing more poise with each game. If everything breaks right for him (no injuries), this kid will be ready next season, even if he goes to juniors now. I'd say he's a step ahead of Sanguinetti at this point. Girardi's looking very good. A goal tonight after an assist yesterday. However, Girardi and Redden cannot play together. The pairing has disaster written all over it. FWIT, I will also say that Hugh Jessiman was working hard in last night's game, too.

Gomez, Naslund and Zherdev have the chemistry the Rangers were looking for all last season. Plenty, it seems. However, no goals. But Zherdev seems to be coming on. And they finally scored A goal on the PP. It's still preseason so I refuse to panic about offense, but I will admit to being a little "concerned". I didn't realize the Rangers have *4* games in *4* nights. If not for that, this team could use some cuts desperately so they can start to get down to the core team that will start the season.

Dan Fritsche is younger and bigger, with more career NHL games, goals and assists, than either Dawes or Callahan. He's at the same stage of his career (with more goals) as when Graves joined the Rangers. Does it seem like there are to many Forwards in contention... only til the first couple of injuries. This isn't xBox, you need a deep roster to survive and succeed the NHL season.

Cwede good point.
Fritsche is a steal in that trade. He can bang, he's good on the boards and seems to have good hands..and plays hard.
Forget Nedved. Nice story, he'll put some people in the seats in Prague. There is no room for him and he wasn't THAT good the other night. Nor will he be 40 games in.

Lowtide- Nedved might put people in seats in Prague, but for that to happen, he has to make the club and sign a contract. The games in Prague are regular season, not exhibition.

Who detirmines the pre-season schedule? Why do we have to play so many games in a row (forcing the split squad) especially having to start the season in Europe. The Fatigue of the preseason and traveling to Europe worries me about a slow first 1/4 to the season.

The glut the Rangers have at the forward position is not really a bad thing...it's depth at that position. Surely when the roster gets trimmed there won't be room for everbody but it's a good backstop to know that if the 'injury bug' hits or a player is not producing someone can be called up pretty quickly. I would look for Dan Fritsche to be on this team and Neved may get the Sarah Palin 'thanks...but..no thanks' giving the younger players their opportunity.

C Mark---I think what lowtide was referring to is that if Nedved doesn't make the Rangers team he will go back to Prague and play for their team this season. I think that is his fall-back plan if he doesn't get an NHL contract from the Rangers.

Wow, Jess.

We agreed both on PP and 2nd line points. Let's try again.

There are definitely too many 3rd-4th line forwards on the roster. I don't buy injuries excuse. Even if there are two or three injuries simultaneously there are still going to be NHL ready youngsters on the roster that will not get a chance to jump from AHL level.

From last night's game, again Redden was beaten horribly on TB's 2nd goal with no other reason than just being two steps slower than the forward who simply decided to skate around him. I didn't see a lot of the 2nd pre-season game against Ottawa but is this the second time already that he was caught flat footed?

Well, you can scratch off Jamtin, Sortal, Rissmiller and Jessiman. freddie made a case for himself last night and not just by scoring a goal.

To me, that leaves one forward and one defenseman spot open. I haven't seen enough of the defense to make a guess. I will say this, Del Zotto and Sags will not make this years team. Potter looked better to me last night. Tonight, Pock will most likely get another look. I think the Rangers need to carry 7 defenseman as part of the 23 man roster.

I think we will see the 2008 Rangers beginning at the first game in Bern. By then all 4 lines should be set. Maybe a few "bubble" players will get some extended ice time, but for the most part the team will look like an opening day squad.

I have to say I'm more excited by this team than I thought I would be. Although I feel Nedved could continue to play at the NHL level, I don't think there's a place for him on this roster (because I really don't see Dubi being our fourth line center) with this salary situation.

As for the rest. It's a shame that Korpi might not make the team because of salary concerns. I think he's gonna be a player.


I see NO downside to Korpi, Moore, Byers (and Anisimov, Jamtim and Parenteau) starting season in AHL getting top-forward minutes. Korpi is only 22 yrs, 2 mos, with only 2 years in north-america. Even if not on opening night roster, he'll get his chance this season.

Colorado Mark- thanks. I thought the two exhibition games were also in Czech Rep., not Switzerland..and good point. And the glut of young forwards compared with old cupboard is bare of several years is glorious problem to have. I too would like to see Korpi stay, I think we could use his offence potential.

I strongly believe Korpikoski is ready for promotion now. He's faster, stronger, and more aggressive on both sides of the puck than all of the others. He catches your eye on every shift and he should be on the opening night roster.

Thoughts on forward lines...

1. Zherdev - Gomer - Naslund
2. Dawes - Drury - Callahan*
3. Fritsche - Dubinsky - Korpikoski*
4. Orr - Betts - Voros*

*Callahan can skate with 2 or 3. Korpikoski with 2, 3, or 4. Voros with 3 or 4.

Rissmiller - by virtue of his size, NHL experience, and salary - is your extra forward.

Moore, Parenteau, Anisimov and Jamtin are your callups, based on need.

Did I leave anyone out?

Angry - what of Prucha and Sjostrom?
Thats the issue - we have 14 F's ahead of Korpi

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