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September 29, 2008


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Anyone interested in going to a Hartford Wolf Pack game on 10/29? I have really good seats in section 115, row C, seats 3-4 (5th row from ice).

I'm originally from New York now living in Vermont for the past 4 years. I'm spending an entire hockey filled week in New York from 10/26 to 10/31.

26th is my nephew's game up in Westchester. 27th I have 7th row tix for NYR @ Isls (3 tix still have not been claimed if you're intersted). 10/29 is the Hartford game. 10/30 is NYR vs. Atlanta.

let me know if you're interested in going.


I'd have to say that given Gomez is the one in the poster with Lecavelier, he is in fact the next captain.

Prucha with Gomez and Drury should be an interesting line. Prucha better play his butt off tomorrow before he starts to lose his spot on this team.

Andrew Gross reported that Marc Staal missed didn't skate yesterday, and was in fact hurt in Saturday's game. Was he showing any signs of injury at the practice today?

Isles claim Pock....

hopefully pock going to the fishsticks dosnt bite us in the a$$ in the long run

Hope Potter makes the team!

Anyone know how much Pock was getting?

Pock was a $675,000 cap hit.

bern is an absolutely gorgeous city. the clock towers are particularly special. been there twice and just have great remembrances. unfortunately i'm too old :-) to remember most, but one i do recall is eating at a german/swiss/french restaurant around the corner from a hotel i stayed at and ordering from the french language menu what i thought was veal stew. i always remember the waiters smiling (or laughing real hard to themselves and holding it in where only a smile came out) when i did, thinking they know something i don't. which it turned out they did and i didn't, because i ordered veal kidneys and literally sweated out the meal as i was too embarrassed to return it. i was in a pool of sweat by the time it ended. a truly embarrassing moment i thought i'd share with my fellow ranger fans.

Yeah Alan, nothing like travle to broadenn your culinary horizons! One time in Florence, I ordered ensalata cavallo. Are you sure, senora? Si! Cavallo sounds like cavalry. But YUM! I'd never order horse meat knowingly, but mamma mia! Delicioso.....

Pock had multiple chances to make this team. We all like to think we have great prospects, myself included, but before I criticize management I will trust they know what they are doing. He had two years to make the club and could not. Hopefully potter or fahey will.

Looking forward to the bern games. Hoping team will score some goals. And hoping the right players will score.

Final thought is on the line-up. Prucha should play wing on 4th line with betts and orr. Rismiller and frishte (sp) are scratches. And korpedo centers 3d line with dawes and cally makes sense. Voros can try to play wing with dubi and zherdev. While drury gomez and naslund make up the smallest 1st line 18 million can buy.

Oh well. Looking forward to additional insight from bern. Thanx for the updates.

Boy, it's a good thing I know Spanish for my trip to Italy next year ... me no want to eat horse

BTW while Spanish isn't Italian ... in Spanish Horse is Caballo so I can assume that Cavallo is horse in Italian =P

I thought Pock would make a pretty good offensive D'man. But if the Isles are the only team that had interest in him, then he must not be up to NHL standards. We'll see him many times this season so time will tell.

Welcome to the upside down world. Marcel Hossa is currently the leading goal scorer in the KHL (9 goals in 11 games).

Matty, you are correct. Cavallo is horse in Italian :).

can someone tell when and where the games are to be televised/ broadcast?

The game is one NHL Network at 12 eastern (11 central). DVR in HD. Can't wait to get home and watch it!!!!

i'm glad pock has finally landed on a roster and will be playing in the nhl just too friggin' bad it has to be with the islanders.

must be something they served on the flight over because i'm struggling to make sense of the latest line combos, especially naslund with dawes and orr. actually lately thinking why is orr even in the starting lineup except for games against some other bruisers, yeah i know he's worked on his skating and all but he's never going to be a threat except for his fists so why not make the fourth line add some scoring. unless they'll be the rangers "shut down" line?? if that's the case why aren't they sticking together now?

ok, will try and get back in the 'glass half full' camp especially today, for the big game in berne, been waiting for this time for months, just wish i had a better feeling about the makeup of this team....and of renney.


any internet links for game?

thanks Thane

Girardi PP Goal from Dubi in the 1st. Vally's in net. the lines are how dubi reported. Rissmiller is out with the flu. i think its Orr thats in his place

Redden PP Goal on 5 on 3.... it funny hearing the rangers goal song playing when they score

www.channelsurfing.net is working well for me.

goal gomez PPgoal 5on3
goal Dubi PP goal 5on4

4-1 in the 3rd

Kalinin goal

6-1 Korpi deflected shot from potter

7-1 potter

8-1 Dubi from NZ

I thought it was a fun game to watch (Rangers scoring 8 goals was added bonus!). Not much hitting but Rangers were the physical team and really slowed down the speed Bern team. Drury - Gomez and Dubi-Zherdev were good combinations. Korpikoski and Potter played good. I think they will earn a roster spot when season starts.

Hey Dubi,

Let's talk about the Rangers lineup and the final cuts that are still to come.

I think that Potter will win out over Fahey as the 7th defenseman - he deserves to win and if I was the coach I would play Fahey as a 6th d man and use Kalinin as the 7th - he sucks.

The real drama surrounds who will win out among the forwards. I feel that the following guys have secured a spot - Naslund, Gomez, Drury, Voros, Dubi, Zherdev, Callahan, Dawes and Betts.

I hope that Korpikoski makes the team - he has been dynamic and gives us more speed and a nifty set of hands. I would like Fritsche to make the team, too. I have no use for Rissmiller - a waste of money and a signing in my opinion (Voros fills his role and is younger). I am not a fan of Colton Orr, but Renney is in love with he and Betts regardless of the miserable production. I actually like Sjostrom - he has speed and can kill penalties, but feel he may be a casualty of the final cuts and sent to Hartford.

These are the lines I see Renney going with to open the season:



I think Sjostrom will be sent down, Prucha will be traded more likely before the season starts or early in the season - he has not produced and Renney I think is getting impatient with him.

Same, what is your feeling about the glut of players at forward and who survives?

Korpikoski is without question the third line center. His play and the need to get Dubinsky top line minutes have been the primary impetus for moving Drury to wing.

I think that Rissmiller, Prucha, and Sjostrom may wind up on the outside looking in either as scratches, being sent down, or traded. I'd also like to see more from Dawes next time out as well. But I pretty much agree with your lines up top, Orts.

Know we can see the difference that Jugr did to Dubinski as a player. He reads the game perfectly!
I hope Jugr will do the same for that kid Cherepanov.


I think Fritsche getting moved up to the Gomez-Drury bodes well for him. I stll see Voros as a good 4th liner, and to ask for more is setting him up for failure.

I can't get excited over the scoring in this game EXCEPT that 6 goals came in the 3rd period. After the trip, the compressed pre-season and two periods of hockey on the larger ice surface I thought the team may run out of gas, espically after Bern got that early 3rd period goal to make it a one goal game. But the legs were still there and that shows the conditioning of this team. Redder's blast from the point is something I hope we will get to see more often, that was a great shot!

During the game, Prucha was moved up and down from 1st to 4th lines. Like Jas said, Frsitche was getting some minutes with the top line. Prucha had chances again.

Dubi had some great moves in this game as well as Zherdev's passing. MSG will be re broadcasting the game at 8pm. I will definitely watch it again.

Things don't look good for Pru.

CP reporting Pru scored.


It looked like he got a tip off the Kalinin shot.

prucha most certainly did tip in the shot, whether he got credit or not. i watched the replay frame by frame five times to make sure (i'm rooting for prucha)

Does anyone know if the Rangers will be modifying their uniforms once the season starts to get rid of that awful diaper look as they did last season?

This was a no win game for the Rangers, had they not won like they did then people would have been trashing on them against a team from the Swiss League.

I am disappointed that the Ranger fans did not get to experience the Bern fans because those fans are the kind that Ranger fans would like knowing.

They were behind their team all the way until the last buzzer as they understood this was the NHL and with all respect to the effort that Bern put out, they simply were no match for the Rangers size wise or talent wise.

I will also disagree with Dubi on tomorrow's game being a tougher matchup as so far this season Metallburg has not played well but more importantly the Rangers need to send a message to the hockey world tomorrow.

Do not doubt for a second that the NHL is wanting the Rangers to blow the team from the KHL back to Russia. The NHL is praying that the Rangers let the KHL know that they are not as close to being as good as the NHL as the KHL is trying to claim they are.

I for one really like Potter's play today and think as do several do that Potter deserves better than 7th Dman. He played well at both ends today.

Dubinsky is emerging as the real Ranger leader which bodes very well for the Rangers down the road.

My 3 stars

1- Zherdev
2- Potter
3- Dubinsky

NYR2thecore - Completely agree with you regarding Potter and Dubinsky.

Potter has looked solid and adds a physical element that in absent on their blueline except for Giradi, who has developed into a more complete dman with a physical game. I have been saying time and again in recent days that Potter should be a regular dman with our team, perhaps a 5th or 6th dman paired with Mara, who can use his body when he wants to. I think that would be a very effective pair.

Despite Kalinin's goal today, from what I have seen so far from him and heard from Buffalo fans, he is a turnover machine along the same lines as Malik - something we don't need regularly in our lineup. Leave Kalinin as the 7th dman in case of injury. If Potter at least makes it as the 7th dman and Kalinin doesnt have an impressive year this year, at least it leaves the door open for Potter to become their regular dman next year when Kalinin's contract is up.

And Dubinsky...what can you say about this guy. Whatever Rangers scout decided that we should draft this kid, he should get a huge bonus! Dubinsky has been money every since he played a few games with the big club two seasons ago. Last year he was a pleasant surprise playing alongside Jags.

This year he is his own player, creating his own chances, working hard, keeping his legs moving on every play and creating an offensive force for us every time he steps on the ice. He has far and away been the best Ranger in camp by a longshot. He is confident in his abilities and you can see it show on the ice in his play. This year he has produced in the preseason consistently and his newfound pairing with Zherdev seems to be a match made in heaven - similar to his paring with Jags last year. Zherdev and Jags are similar - big guys who need to feel comfortable with their centerman, guys who need a Dubinsky to dig the puck out of the corner, make room and set up plays for them. I think Dubinsky and Zherdev will be a great pairing if kept together and it may be the key to a mecurial character like Zherdev finding his potential on Broadway.

As we all argue who should be named the Rangers new captain, I can see our captain for the next generation wearing #17 already. Whether Drury or Gomez are named captain (I hope Drury, but I don't have a problem with Gomer being capt either), the one who doesn't get the "C" should get the first "A," and regardless of past leaders on other teams who are now on the Rangers like Naslund, Redden, etc.,

Brandon Dubinsky should be given the other "A" as assistant captain. He is clearly a leader on this team on the ice and off, his play should be an example to all for his hard work, plus he is a homegrown Ranger - when was the last time you can remember one of those in a leadership role on our team - Leetch. I think he is the perfect choice and has years to grow into being a Captain once Drury/Gomez contracts are up and Dubinsky will be in his mid-late 20s.

Renney - make the right choice, make Brandon Dubinsky an Assistant Captain, he is an example to all other players on this team, his is a true blue Ranger - born and bred, a leader on the ice and someone NYR fans can embrace.

I agree about Potter. The way he is playing, with such poise and calm I really hope that he's in the top 6 as opposed to being the 7th d-man but even if he starts as 7th I don't think he will stay that way for long ... but based on play he shouldn't be 7th ... Zherdev made some sweet moves today, and that first goal by Dubinsky was just so pretty ... I enjoyed the game ... I know that when the Rangers face Tampa on Saturday it will be a whole different game ... but will they play each other in an NHL sized rink or an international one? Because if it's an international one then perhaps this game today and the one tomorrow will help the Rangers out and give them an edge vs the Lightning

Dubi for captain (some day)!

Fun watching the Rangers light up the red light for a change. The first week of preseason was tragically absent of goals (despite the shots).

Love to hear the fans singing during the game. Here's my tune (old slave hymn): "in my heart I love the Rangers, in my heart (repeat) In my heart (repeat) Lord, I love the New York Rangers, in my heart. Add a player's name in place of "rangers" and you can sing all night!

Matty it will be NHL size

i : (it will be NHL size)
Where you get this information?

kogsn I don't remember where, but I'm sure I read it will be NHL size.

Thank you "i"!

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