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August 25, 2008


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I think people look at Rissmiller's size and instantly think power forward and hitter. Back in his days in college at Holy Cross (during their pre-Atlantic Hockey days), I saw him play in the MAAC. He was an offensive player who was able to take advantage of his size because most of the players in the MAAC were not that big. The few players who matched his size could not match his talent level.

I don't understand Sather's need to give him a million dollars. He is a nice organizational player whose salary makes him less attractive to the Rangers.

Steve Zipay has the roster for the Rangers entry into the Traverse City tournament. It looks like messier gets an invitation. That would be Mark's son, Lyon.

Dubi, Jess,

I wanted to make a suggestion for BB+ content. How about having a Rangers prospect from AHL or Junior leagues' level to post their blogs here? It could be someone who just made it to the juniors (like Grachev - which would be even more interesting because of his international status), or a junior graduate who just made it to Wolf Pack this year, or someone who is about to break in with Rangers from the Pack. They would be able to write about anything they want - their daily routine, training, game day preparation, what they do on days off etc.

Nikita Filatov (who was just drafted) and Alexei Nikulin (who spent last year with Ottawa's AHL team and is trying to get a permanent spot with Senators this year) have been posting their blogs on a semi-regular basis (once or twice a month) and it's a VERY interesting read to get their perspective on how to make it to the NHL.

Otherwise, I agree that content on BB+ should be the same as on the regular BB (plus all of the extras).

KovaZub has a swell idea! Why not local boy and Ranger fan, Bobby Sanguinetti? We could get to know him, he could get to know the fans....?

Also, anyone up for a preseason pre-game get-together? Maybe a burger before the game when TB comes to town? Hope I'm not breaking a protocol, it's just a thought...

Steve Zipay blog has the preseason television schedule up. MSG will broadcast all preseason games.

Is Sept. 20th here yet?


It is a great idea but with that idea comes a lot of problems or roadblocks that make it hard for this place to have one of the kids blogging

The kids who play in the CHL leagues actually do not belong to the Rangers only their draft rights. The teams that they play for have first dibs on any blogs or writings that they would do.

I have on my own tried to get the kids to keep journals in the past but it was such a nightmare that I did not ask anyone this year.

Not to mention those kids get next to no free time as it is; if they are not playing or practicing they are in school (they are teenagers you know)

As for say Sanguinetti, our roadblock would be the Rangers themselves as they would want those blogs to be done on their sites.

One can not blame them either because it is good content which would draw interest.

I will check with the kids to see if any would be interested but consider it right now a long shot.

Ahhh, Jess! Always the practical one :-)

A cute story from a die-hard in the making. My nephew's 14 and just got his first cel phone. Calls me today ALL excited: He found the perfect picture to display on it. A street sign in his neighborhood. Dawes Street. I hearby leave my tickets, all hockey books and assorted NYR promotional ephemera to him. Bless his heart :-)

Interesting comments regarding Sundin, Gomez & Drury.

Link: http://www.spectorshockey.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=62:the-sundin-watch-for-august-27-2008&catid=34:articles&Itemid=55

Thanks Kogan, this makes me want to slap myself in the face for wasting time on that hockeybuzz web-site.

The "Sundin Drama" goes on. It is caused by Sundin and no one else. Seems very self-centered to me. I never wanted him and this just reinforces my opinion.

I agree with RB if we want an older guy resign Shanny he obviously wants to be here and we know he is willing to do what ever is asked of him.

Thank you RB

It is what I have been saying as well.

some 'Net notes on the 3 long-shot unknown Traverse City try-outs:
(the other 2 being (1) L'il Mess, and (2)d-Man Nick Pageau, the long-shot at July prospect camp who earned 2d look)

"Stich was the Dogs' top pick, fourth overall in the 2006 import draft... Stich's return is a huge move of the Dogs blueline."We are getting a veteran defenceman who is 19-years-old, has been with us for two years and knows our systems," Beaulieu said. "Those guys are hard to find. He is such a character kid too" Stich picked up 14 assists during the regular season and blossomed in the playoffs with three goals and seven assists in 14 games.

“Matt’s a pretty good player and he plays a lot of good minutes for us,” he said. “He’s not afraid to hit. He’s a gritty competitor, and we think he’s got more offence in his game than he’s had the opportunity to display at this point. Look at how we did last year when he was hurt.” ... The tryout with the Rangers is almost certainly the work of New York general manager, and part Bruins owner Glen Sather.

http://www.hockeysfuture.com/prospects/tysen_dowzak - "A graduate of the renowned Shattuck St. Mary’s program in Minnesota...6’6 and 225 pounds, Dowzak brings a physical presence to every shift..." -
http://www.hockeysfuture.com/articles/8535/2006_prospects_tysen_dowzak/ - "Dowzak has tremendous reach, able to keep opponents to the outside when entering the attacking zone. As his foot speed increases, he will become a more punishing body checker. He has established himself as a player who is comfortable in coming to the aid of his teammates, however, few opponents have come calling this season. Dowzak is the biggest defenseman on the Rockets roster"

RB, I see your point re. Sundin's causing this drama, especially in light of his refusal to accomodate Leafs at last year's trade deadline.

However, it's also possible that he got assurances from a certain hypothetical team that he would like to go to that they are willing to sign him to a contract that he expects. If this team doesn't have cap capacity to absorb such contract and is trying to create one through a trade then he's waiting for hypothetical team and the puck is not on his stick, sort of speak...

Dubi, Jess, Mitch, Bruce, anyone - Is Busto still hurt/rehabbing? I expected he'd be on T-City roster, he has one year or less of NA pro hockey, as does everyone else on that roster besides Barnes (long-term injuries both pro seasons).

I am now a Rissmiller fan. He likes the Grateful Dead!


Hypothetically, one would assume that this hypothetical team would be actively seeking this hypothetical trade as soon as they could, so they can go to camp knowing what their hypothetical line-up would hypothetically look like. Of course, this hypothetical team could, hypotheyically, be looking to string out their opponents, making it difficult for them to get their line-up settled.

Thanks RB for the Sundin statement. I agree. I would re sign shanny waaaaaaaaaaaaayyy before I would even consider Sundin (and I would not consider him).


Oh yea well I will see your "Hypothetically" and raise it one

Geeze this GomezSundinDrurySedinTwinsMoeLarryCurly rumor nonsense is way past dorky and heading at warp speed towards totally dumbaxx.

I am no longer a Rissmiller fan. He likes the Grateful Dead! :)

You folks know what the Dead Head said after he gave up acid?

"This band sucks!!!"

Fellows, take a look at your statements! You need a psychiatrist. Relax, it's only 3 weeks untill September 20.

Anybody that thinks Mats Sundin is self- centered doesn't know what he or they are talking about. Like Strahan, he's trying to decide if he really wants to play hockey, just like Joe Sakic recently did. The fact that 100 other teams want this guy tells you how good he is and that's not just on the ice, it's in the locker room where it counts. His being a self-centered egotist is totally hypothetical, not to mention assumptive and conjectured and likely apocryphal. Chew on that friends!!


I agree that Sundin is an asset. Yes, plenty of other teams want him. He is great in the locker room. WE DON'T NEED HIM! He still can score and is a leader on and off the ice. He is strong and will help any team that his is on. WE DON'T NEED HIM! He still seems to have some speed left. He gets lots of ice time. He still puts up plent of points. WE DON'T NEED HIM!. He is thinking "do I still want to play?". He is trying to decide if he wants to play, then who would he want to play for? He is thinking if I come back, how much money is it worth to me. These are all good and important questions to ask. But not if he WANTS to be a Ranger. When Shanny decided to come to the Rangers, he KNEW this is where he wanted to be. Salary issues aside (something could be worked out), he wanted to be a Ranger FIRST. In order for Sundin to become a Ranger, somebody needs to be shipped out. So if Rosi or Gomez or some combination of players gets traded, do you really think the Rangers will have a cup team? Frankly, I don't think we have a cup team with the current line-up EVEN if you include Sundin and don't move ANYBODY! And I can't see a cup team with Sundin in the next 1-2 years. WE DON'T NEED HIM! Hypothetical, conjectured and/or as likely apocryphal this may be, Sundin is thinking ONLY about HIS future. Fine, but that is self-centered. So what if he still doesn't make up his mind until mid-season...we just wait until his Lordship decides that the Rangers are the team for him, then start looking to trade players to make room for this guy? SOGOTP! You may not find that in you LOA (List of Anachronisms)!



Good stuff RB

RB--Well that is where you and I differ. WE DO NEED HIM!!! The guy we don't need is Roszival at an overinflated 5 mil. Who knows about the Cup, but I do know we will be more competitive with Sundin than without him. If Sundin wants to play and wants to play for the Rangers, what do you think Slats is going to do? Listen to you? I don't advocate trading Gomez, but getting rid os Rosy actually makes us a better team. We don't need his offensive prowess and I'd venture to say we could trade or promote someone of lesser credentials who would be more reliable in the defensive zone. WE DON'T NEED ROSZIVAL, SO GET RID OF HIM AND GIVE THAT 5 MIL TO SUNDIN ALONG WITH THE 1'5 MIL FROM MOVING PRUCHA TOO. Cause WE DON"T NEED HIM EITHER!!!!

Bones, Bones, Bones!

If Rosi is so bad, please tell me who will take him at $5MM to make room for a 38 year old taking up space that a youngster could fill? I guess we haven't been competitive over the last 3 years. Maybe you like finishing in the bottom of the standings and getting that prized number 1 overall pick? If Sather gets Sundin, the ship won't sink. But, if Sather doesn't get him, the ship won't sink either. At the close of last season we saw Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes and Staal making MAJOR contributions to the overall team effort. I want the staff to keep pushing those guys and a few more like Prucha, Korpo and Girardi, maybe one or two from Hartford if they make an impression in camp. I don't want a multi-year contract for anybody over the 35 age limit. We sign Sundin to a 2 year contract and next year he decides to hang 'em up..."I made a mistake last year, should have retired."...and we are stuck with his cap space and no player! I don't mind bringing on a Sundin IF, and only IF, we see him as the key to putting us over the top. DON'T SEE THAT. How 'bout this...sign him at the trade deadline if it looks like the team is a real Cup contender? WE DON'T NEED HIM, END OF STORY!


Sorry but I am so in support of what Rangerbill is saying.

If Sundin wanted to be a Ranger then by now he should have said so.

If Sundin is still having to think about what he wants then it is more than fair to question his motives.

The difference between Sundin and Sakic was never about where to play but if to play. Sakic never talked to any other team. It was Avs or nothing.

Sundin has all these supposed offers but yet he still wants to think about whether or not he wants to play. Sorry that alone screams pass on him because training camp is just a couple of weeks away and it is time to either sign or move on.

RB clearly points out that the Rangers can survive without Sundin and he is ever so right here.

Signing Sundin is not signing a player who wants to be a Ranger, it is signing a player who is looking for his best deal. Rangers have been down that road before and it has always been a failure.

Let Sundin go elsewhere, if he does well great but since he has never led a team to a Cup then I for one think the Rangers will do just fine without him.

Well said Jess and RB.

Is it me or does the sakic situation sound a little similar to someone we know? Perhaps we should bring him back, perhaps.

Sundin is doing what many before him have done, including The Captain. Sather will jump if the guy decides he wants to play and in NYC.

Gainey wants him..http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=247648&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_nhl

Those young guys you mentioned are great but they are not ready to lead the Rangers to the promised land, not nearly. The team still needs an elite presence and pray tell what would be the difference between signing Jagr for two years or Sundin who is a much better player at this stage of their careers. I think the vast majority of Ranger fans were all for resigning Jagr. Jess, how can you say he doesn't want to be a Ranger. That's absurd. His friends have indicated to others that if he plays he very much wants to play in the big apple. You obviously did not watch this guy play or be interviewed after numerous Leaf losses. He was magnificent last year. Carried that team on his big shoulders. Signing him for 1 or even 2 years is a no brainer. You'd think signing Sundin will be the end of the universe RB by the way you carry on about it!

Bones just opinions, Sather is supposedly very interested. He makes the decisions. I think he decides to play, and Sather has to scramble to fit him in.


"You'd think signing Sundin will be the end of the universe RB by the way you carry on about it!" You obviously didn't read what I wrote. I said the ship won't sink, no matter if Sundin is signed or not. This team is, IMHO, about 2-3 years away from being a perennial cup contender. Sundin will be gone by then. The leadership rests on the shoulders of our young players, not some 38 year old star with elite presence. Sundin is a band-aid, intended to bring in a "star name", what ever that may be worth. We've had 7 years of "star" players in and out of NYC and the rest of the league got rich (well, lets just say well off) off our draft picks. Just play the guys we have and see if they will be able to get the job done. You seem to think that we won't be competitive unless we sign Sundin. I simply don't agree. BTW, our elite players are already here, Lundqvist, Gomez, Drury. A few more are in the wings; Staal, Dubinsky and maybe Dawes. A few more are in Hartford or other places; Sags, Anisimov, Korpo, Del Zatto, AC and EG. As I stated before: WE DON'T NEED HIM! Now you want to talk about getting Gaborik, well, that's another question. But Sundin is just too old.

RB would you trade Gomez to get Gaborik?


How can I say he does not want to be a Ranger?

(A) that he still has not made up his mind WHO to sign with. The Rangers are not his first and clear cut choice.

He is looking at several teams which is NOT a sign he has being a Ranger as a top priority.

(B) that he is looking for a multi-year deal instead of just signing a one year incentive filled deal at his age

Unlike Hossa who signed with the RWs because he wanted a cup, that would tell me that Sundin is putting winning over money.

(C)My friends have said that I want to write for ESPN the Magazine but that does not mean I want to, in other words I do not care what his friends are saying only what Sundin himself says.

Sorry Bones you like the guy great but you do not want to see that others like myself do not see him in such a light.

The biggest negative I have with Sundin is this overextended drama.

I have said this before and repeat, if Sundin really wants to play for the Rangers then he should have signed a contract by now

We see that Sundin is not sure if he wants to play, he is not sure where he wants to play or when he will make up his mind.

The difference between Sundin, Sakic or even Messier is that it was going to be either Rangers/Avs or nobody.

There is not fielding of other offers, the decision was for one team and one team alone.

That is not the case here

To me it is not about signing Sundin anymore it is about I do not believe he would be wanting to play for the Rangers to help them win.

At this point in time in MY OPINION, it would be because of the money they offered.

Sorry I want those who put on the Ranger jersey to do so because they think the Rangers can win.

dubi, jess-if it's true that mezaros signed an offer sheet with someone, do you think it could be us? there was a link originally i found at kuklas korner and it went through a scenario of what teams could possible make an offer like that and what teams couldn't (b/c of draft picks being traded and so on) and one of the teams not mentioned either way was us. what do you hear?? he was paired with redden as i recall, and they both had fairly off (to say the least) years but he would be a welcome addition to our blue line from what i recall of his play in prior years.

If Sundin were just about money, wouldn't he be a Canuck by now?


Boy, now that's a question. I really like Gomez, his speed and the fear he brings when entering the attacking zone with speed. But you have to give something up to get something. Dubinsky really impressed me with his speed while bringing the puck up the ice. I saw a lot of Gomez in him. Can he maintain that? To me, that's the question. My answer is...I think so. Based on that, I think I would make that trade. Now, I don't know if Gaborik really wants to play in Russia, but assuming he wants to remain an NHL player, I'd do it.

paul a

I don't think it's just about the money. I think he is really weighing the retirement issue. So for me, it's both issues, plus others, that turn me off. If the retirement thing is an issue, then I would never sign him for more then 1 year. Under our current cap situation, I would not sign him for more than 1 million, that way I don't have to get rid of anybody. I like the team as we have it now. Yes, Voros, Rissmiller, Betts, Fritsche, Sjstrom and Orr are just too many "role players" for my likeing, but some of them will be in Hartford. Some of the younger Hartford players will get a shot soon. So every way I look at Sundin, I still come up with: We don't need him.

somebody wake me when this sundin bs is over. i just dont care.

Bones Yeah Sundin carried the Leafs last year right onto the golf course


Dude, that was funny as hell!

My nephew and I took the overpriced tour at the Garden today and the guide said Shanny's coming back. I'm JUST saying....


If you so against Jags and how you claim Sundin is a much better player lets look at the fatcs rather than opinions.

LEafs MISSED playoffs for the past 3 years.
Rangers MADE playoffs for the past 3 years.

Jagr 2 cups
Sundin whopping 0

Conclusion Jagrs shoulders are a lot bigger than Sundins because Jags carried us on his back for 3 seasons withouth missing 1 single reg season game and missin 2 games in total out of all games they played in 3 seasons.(If you remember Jagr played with a broken shoulder in game 3 that took balls).Jagr is a bigger man because he gave Ranegrs a chance he packed his suitcase and left he didnt sit aorund till September "considering"what eh should do with himself.

Why would u want a selfish player on your team?If he caried enought for the team he wouldve waived his no trade clause and helped leafs to get a lot better players in return so that way they can atleast be a playoff team.So now he assed out the leafs twice by not being traded and now not resigning with them.Im not saying hes not a good player but thats just to many bad things on his resume.

Yeah yeah im sorry for the misspelling im way to lazy to re read everything lol.
1 correction tho
Jagr is a bigger man because he gave Ranegrs a chance and then***


You really do need to stop holding back and tell us how you really feel


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