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July 15, 2008


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Is he planning on playing in Traverse City?

In the past, college players have NOT played at TC, which is an extension of Traning Camp. I guess it threatens amateur/NCAA eligibility


It has been more the cost of staying/traveling to TC which has kept prospects from attending.

I for one would love to see both Campbell and Carl Hagelin attend TC because it would give Ranger fans a glimpse at 2 prospects who could wind up stealing their way into NHL careers.

Campbell as Dubi pointed out played in a Junior B but do not let the name fool you as Jeff Carter of the Flyers played for the Rockets as did Andy McDonald of the Ducks.

Once upon a time guys like Craig MacTavish played there as did former NHLer Dale Hunter.

Hagelin is another prospect to watch as his goal against Notre Dame in the Frozen Four made SportCenter's plays of the day.

i'm excited about hagelin big time. i tred to keep an eye on the ranger prospects during the wjcs last year when they were without the puck, and both him and animismov seemed to be some of the most fundamentally sound players on their squads.

So does anyone else think we will make a play for bouwmeester before the season starts? I would have to think that rozy or mara would go the other way! I would almost hate to see mara go after he took a discount to stay here. Just wondering!

I watched Max Campbell on TV and to me he looks like he needs to upgrade his skating big time. He doesn't look fast enough for the NHL. He also needs to learn how to play defensively, he seems to go hard on offense and not so hard on defence. Hagelin on the other hand has great wheels and is a very good penalty killer. He certainly caught my eye in his limited ice time with Michigan


Campbell is the first to acknowledge he needs to work on his game and his skating which is why he paid out of his own pocket to attend the Ranger camp.

Campbell is still learning as he went from Junior B to Division 1 which is a huge leap. He also was asked to be the 2nd line center as a freshman and he played like a freshman showing signs of the talent inside while also showing the growing pains of his learning curve.


I really do like Hagelin but one can not discount the kind of teaching/coaching he is getting at Michigan from Red Berenson.

I am glad you saw what I did from those WJC games as people misread that Hagelin did not score much as being invisible.

I for one am looking forward to seeing Hagelin as a soph because Michigan is going to need more offense out of him this season so it will be interesting to watch

unlikely rumor today re 3 way trade Sens-Kings-Blackhawks.
But I dont think Kings would really trade Kopitar.
If Hawks want a scoring forward for Brent Seabrook, I'd offer Prucha (+)...

Hey, I suggested that Prucha for Seabrook trade last year but I think we'd have to sweeten the pot, maybe a draft pick or maybe they'd take Jessiman, haha...


Don't laugh as with today's Blackhawks you never know. Since the son took over he has gone out of his way to show he is nothing like his father.

Now we are seeing the Blackhawks in full spend mode so maybe you could get your wish

per TSN.com
1:57PM New York Rangers sign RFA forward Nigel Dawes to a 2-year contract

chat re Traverse City got me curious:
if this is accuraet, LESS THAN 2 MONTHS til the kids are playing in BlueShirts!!
"The Detroit Red Wings will host their 2008 prospects tournament and training camp at Center Ice Arena in Traverse City, Mich.
The eight-team prospects tournament, which is scheduled for Sept. 13 to 17, will feature entries from the Atlanta Thrashers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars, Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues and Tampa Bay Lightning."

Nothing like not posting on the regular site for a week or so and getting blasted by a poster there!! Now I know why I try to stay away from there. Unprovoked aggression!

Jaime Lundmark just signed with the flames

does anyone know for sure how many home games there will be at the garden this season? i'm guessing 40 since it seems they will play the preseason and first reg season game in Prague. if that's the case it's a 22.5% bump for the season blue seats.

1971 Bernie Parent's mask just went into the crowd on the NHL channel. We go the mask! Ol' King Clancy is leaning over the boards complaining about the crowd stealing his goalie's mask! Great stuff!

Well, it looks like the IIHF is stepping into the KHL/NHL contract issue. Seems the KHL doesn't agree with the steps the IIHF is taking. Again, the real colors of the Russians and the KHL are showing through and very clearly. This could get interesting!

Question to all:

We know the games in Prague will be televised. Will the games in Switzerland be televised? If so, will they be on MSG?

Go check out Larry Brooks in the Sunday NY Post. 7/20/08....


I finally got my 20 month old son to say rangers, well actually he is 21 months, but never the less he said Rangers, I'm proud.

Congratulations, Paul R___D.

Next, teach him to say, "It's a power play goal!" ;-)

Yeah, thats gonna take some work, for now I'll stick with Rangers


That's sweet dude!!! Congrats!!!

I'm proud of my little man

Summertime prognostication about line combinations is just about meaningless, so take a large grain of salt before pondering the following…

I’ve gone back and forth a few times on whether or not it makes sense to “load up” a first line with Zherdev – Gomez – Naslund or to have Zherdev – Gomez anchor a first line and Naslund – Drury on a second line. I think I’m in favor of the second approach...but like I said, I’ve gone back and forth a few times. We’ll need size on the other wings and I’m not sure where to find it.

I’m also intrigued by Andreas Jamtin. Everything I know about him, I’ve learned on the Internet – including the youtube videos we’ve all seen of him getting laid out by a defenseman and beaten in a scrap.

But one thing I’m noticing is that the comparisons to Avery seem well founded; he seems to really piss people off and revel in his ability to do so…and it’s tough to piss off Swedes. I just read about an incident where he made himself a target by firing pucks into the opposition’s empty net during warm-ups. All the scouting reports I’ve read cite speed, surprising skill and a willingness to hit and “mix it up.”

Like I said, I don't know him from Adam, but I think I'm pulling for him to make the team.


As long as the kid does not try to hone in on prospect coverage all is well here.

Re: Andreas Jamtin

I wonder really where he will fit in as Voros is supposed to fill the same role and I have scratch my head when I see Orr, Voros, Rissmiller, Betts, Jamtim, Sjostrom, Byers, Moore and who else for the 4th line.

Is there anyone who will be able to score and play on the 3rd line with Dubinsky?

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